After-LIFE conservation plan

The continuation and/or development of actions initiated by the EAGLELIFE project has been quite seriously discussed with project partners and the results are as follows:

  • Action Plan implementation will be organized by the Environmental Board at the state level and by the Eagle Club at the NGO level. Cooperation between both will most likely be fruitful.
  • Composing new Action Plans will be a task for the Eagle Cub or the Estonian Ornithological Society, but work orders will be issued by the Environmental Board.
  • Land acquisitions of restricted land plots will remain a function of the Ministry of Environment as parent organization to the Land Board, who is keeping the “order list.”
  • Restored area maintenance will be a task for the Environmental Board, both in the long-term and short-term perspectives. If only the organization will not be reorganized again…
  • Species site protection sites (micro-reserves) will be the duty of the Ministry of Environment, but in the long term this may be transferred to the Environmental Board. In all cases, there are no visible signs of losing protection sites in the Nature Conservation Law. Preparation work for amendments or new rules will be made by the Eagle Club.
  • The main source for the implementation of Action Plans is the Environmental Investments Center, but in the future it could be partly given over to the budget of the Environmental Board. Also, EU- or other funds could be used, especially for international projects.