We welcome you to the international White-tailed Sea Eagle conference in Estonia 5-7 October 2017. This event will be held inside the stronghold of White-tailed Sea Eagle population in Western-Estonia , a location with great variety in its coastline and a diverse selection of different food suitable for the species.

We are planning two full conference days and the discussions will be continued on a field trip day to meet the subject in their habitat. The conference will consider a wider spectrum of topics connected to White-tailed Eagle. The organizer is the Eagle Club Estonia in collaboration with the Estonian Ministry of Environment and the Environmental Investment Centre.

The conference will be held in North-Western Estonia at Roosta Holiday Village. The cape of Põõsaspea, one of the better spots for observing the migration of the (arctic) waterfowl, is just a 10 km drive from Roosta. Early October is great time for waterfowl migration, see here.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Estonia!