List of presentations within conference and videos of those who agreed to publish their lecture

  1. Introduction
    Renno Nellis
  2. Adoption and development of conservation measures of White-tailed Eagle nesting sites in Serbia
    Ištvan Ham & Marko Tucakov
  3. The reintroduction of the White-tailed Eagle to Ireland
    Torgeir Nygård & Allan Mee
  4. From threatened to prospering – sixty years with the White-tailed Eagle in Sweden
    Björn Helander
    (not public, yet)
  5. Trends in contaminant levels and effects on reproductive performance in Swedish White-tailed Eagles
    Peter Hellström
  6. Human – caused mortality of White-tailed Eagle and its effects to breeding population in Serbia
    Ištvan Ham & Marko Tucakov
  7. Ethical considerations of lead impacts to White-tailed Eagle and other wildlife
    Madis Leivits
  8. Lead poisoning in White-tailed Eagles – causes, consequences and lessons learned
    Oliver Krone
    (not public)
  9. Wildlife management of the control group of Steller’s sea eagles inhabiting the area of increased anthropogenic impact of the oil and gas complex
    Vladimir Masterov & Micheal Romanov
  10. Rescue and veterinarian care of White-tailed Eagles in Hungary
    Endre Sós
  11. Outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza in Finnish white-tailed eagles
    Marja Isomursu et. al.
    (not public)
  12. Scottish White-tailed Eagles: Where are we now?
    Andrew Stevenson
  13. Interactions with livestock and delivery of the White-tailed Eagle management Scheme in Scotland
    Rhian Evans
  14. White-tailed Eagle impacts on livestock
    Alv Ottar Folkestad
  15. Impact of growing White-tailed Eagle population on declining Black Stork population in Latvia
    Maris Strazds et. al.
    (not public)
  16. Does mesopredator Lesser Spotted Eagle suffers breeding costs in a high-density area of the White-tailed Eagle?
    Deivis Dementavičius & Rimgaudas Treinys
  17. Effects of White-tailed Eagles on breeding cormorants
    Thomas Bregnballe et. al.
  18. Does the White-tailed Eagle predation present a sharp conservation dilemma?
    Rimgaudas Treinys & Deivis Dementavičius
  19. Raising public awareness of White-tailed Eagles in Scotland
    Alison MacLennan & David Sexton
  20. Use of the Bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocepalus) in educational programs
    Jeffrey Meshach
  21. Web-GIS “Faunistics” as an instrument of crowdsourcing collection of information about the White-tailed Eagle
    Elvira Nikolenko
  22. Webcams as a tool in opening of new perspectives
    Urmas Sellis & Janis Kuze
  23. Forum Impact on Popular Education in Nature Conservation
    Irene Mannadiar & Beate Wasner
  24. Logging the life of White-tailed Eagles – detailed description of White-tailed eagle breeding behaviour based on live web cameras in Estonia
    Triin Leetmaa
  25. Movements of sub-adult White-tailed Eagles tracked by satellites 2009-2017
    Pertti Saurola
    (not public)
  26. Movements of adult White-tailed Eagles in Russia
    Vassili Pchelintsev
  27. White-tailed Eagle on the Rybinsk reservoir: abundance, ecology, migration and wintering sites
    Miroslav Babushkin et. al.
  28. Spatial ecology of White-tailed Eagle in North-Eastern Poland
    Paweł Mirski
  29. Temporary nests built by the tagged newly territorial adult White-tailed Eagle
    Janis Kuze
    (not public)
  30. The White-tailed Eagle in Finland – numbers and actions
    Torsten Stjernberg & Heikki Lokki
    (not public)
  31. The White-tailed Eagle in Austria: distribution and numbers, productivity and migration
    Remo Probst & Christian Pichler
  32. History and modern condition of White-tailed Eagle in Azerbaijan
    Elchin Sultanov
  33. The current state of the nesting group of White-tailed Eagle population in the north of Belarus
    Vladimir Ivanovski
  34. Population’s dynamics of the White-tailed Eagle in the Volga delta
    Natalia Meshcheryakova & Maxim Perkovsky
  35. Establishing of new breeding groups of the White-tailed Eagle after constructing of water reservoirs in Volga-Kamskiy region in Russia
    Rinur Bekmansurov et. al.
  36. History of formation and modern state of inland population of White-tailed Eagle on large waterbodies of Russian North-West
    Andrei Kuznetsov et. al.
  37. The use of camcorder in nesting biology research of White-tailed Eagle
    Anvar Ayupov
  38. White-tailed Eagle in Southern Siberia
    Igor Karyakin
  39. Resolution
    Allan Mee et al.