The participants of the conference SEAEAGLE 2017 agree on the following resolutions

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Resolution 1

Lead poisoning from ingested lead shot and lead bullets is a severe mortality threat and cause of severe suffering for White-tailed and StellerĀ“s Sea Eagles, as well as other raptors. We strongly urge all countries and the European Union to ban the use of both lead shot and lead bullets ammunition for hunting. Non-toxic alternatives are widely available as an effective replacement for ammunition containing lead.

Resolution 2

White-tailed Sea Eagle is a sensitive ecosystem biomonitor of environmental quality and we recommend that the White-tailed Sea Eagle be adopted into national and international environmental monitoring programs as an indicator species.

Resolution 3

Expansion of wind energy production may result in negative impacts on areas that are nationally and internationally important for breeding, wintering and migrant White-tailed Sea Eagles. Therefore, we urge countries to avoid wind energy development in breeding and wintering areas.

Resolution 4

White-tailed Sea Eagle needs suitable habitat for breeding and roosting and we urge that adequate protection around nests and roosts, in particular for breeding areas, be implemented in all countries in the whole breeding range of the species.

Resolution 5

White tailed Sea Eagle, and other raptors, are threatened by illegal persecution, including poisoning, across Europe. We urge all countries to seriously enforce existing laws and regulations to protect all raptor populations.